Carnival of the Balkans - call for submissions

Heard the Word of Blog?
The fifth edition of the Carnival of the Balkans will be posted on Yakima Gulag Literary Gazette on or around December 15th. If you are from the Balkans, or currently in the Balkans, or write, at least occasionally, about the Balkans, please submit your posts. Watch Yakima's blog for further instructions.

Taks for leaving some stuff on my blog, interestng what you said, although I rekon he's just lazy git! Anyway, I guess you've already checked it out, but direct from the Balkans, te ultimate Balkan blog........ BALKAN BABY. Check it out www.balkanbaby.blogspot.com


Right all righteous people, we now have a theme!

**UPDATE*** THEME*** I want to see things about the transition for people from the Balkans liveing in the West and for people who have lived in the West what is the adjustment, perhaps something that was easier something that was worse, something that was incomprehensible...
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